Solidarity Campaign

The founding open meeting at 13/6 was well-attended by many organizations and activists, and reached an initial agreement. A coordinating committee met on Tuesday 17/6 and shaped the founding text of the campaign based on the initial call and the discussion that took place in the open meeting. In this context, the coordinating committee also discussed about the electronic mediaof the campaign.

Those will fundamentally have a character of counter-information about developments in Ukraine and support to the anti-fascist camp. But the blog will also have a special section where articles and dialogue will be hosted. Translations, ideas, and suggestions to broaden our sources of information, are needed.
The committee also discussed the finances of the Campaign. The current fund of the Campaign comes out of the Assembly on June 13. Reinforcement of the fund is needed by collectives and activists who support the Campaign to help the Campaign publish materials, to cover expenses for events etc. And also in order to create the possibility of practical material assistance to Borotba.
The Campaign will create a poster. a public discussion about Ukraine is being organised hopefully with participation of Borotba member and also with skype-contact with other committees of solidarity abroad. An immediate priority is organizing a protest rally at the Ukrainian embassy. The Campaign will support and intervene also in antiracist Festival (4 to 6 July).
The next meeting of the coordination committee will be held on Tuesday 24/6 at 19:00

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