We are addressing this speech to our big Family, to all the timeless Banditos, to the antifascists, to the working class, to all the workers in the world, to the unemployed and to the exploited.
Wherever they are.
In the last few months we have been witnessing a Policy of Silent.
Everywhere in Europe you won’t hear any information about what the fascist government in Kiev is doing in Donbass and in Ukraine. Italian and European press are totally subdued by European Union and United States.
No news on bombing civilians, on persecution of Russians, communists and anybody who appears to be a partisan of the popular Militia; not a word on the fact that the “European” Ukraine is the biggest Workshop of International neo-nazism.
We are tired of all that and, with Novarossjian popular Militia, we are organising a fund rising antifascist Expedition.
We will bringing our antifascist solidarity to Donbass territory with a concert.
As previously done in 1984 in Nicaragua, in 1994 in Salvador, in 2004 in Palestine we are now ready for another journey.
From 26th until 30th September 2014 we will be in that lands who are resisting Nazis attacks. We will visit Novarossija. Our programme is to set up a concert in Rostov on Don, the city who shelters a huge refugee camp, and one in Novarosija. We still don’t know where this will take place due to the bombings, but we will do our best. We are asking all antifascist an economic support to sustain travel expenses and to bring supplies to the Donbass population.
We know we can count on the support of our big Family.
As it happened in Spain in 1936 where thousands of Internationalists fought side by side with the Republic of Spain: NO PASARAN!



About solidarity2014

καμπάνια αλληλεγγύης στον αντιφασιστικό αγώνα στην Ουκρανία
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