Urgent appeal regarding political prisoner A. A. Mayevsky who will be tried today (18/3)

Regarding the political prosecution of A. A. Mayevsky (communist, consistent opponent of the reactionary regime of Kiev and founder and chief-editor of the newspaper “Workers’ and Peasants’ truth”) by the reactionary regime of Kiev: he will be tried today (18.03.) and it is imperative that the courthouses are flooded with telegrams (there is no alternative means of communication with these institutions).

The content of the telegrams needs to be simple and precise. We propose that the demands are

  1. that the charges against Mayeysky are dropped;
  2. that the newspaper is freely edited and distributed, in accordance with the principle of freedom of speech, oh-so cherished by the EU. Despite the overwhelming irony, maybe a reference to the “European values” could be made, since the reactionary regime together with its EU sponsors are very interested in preserving their “European values” and “freedom” façade.

The addresses are the following:

  • Ukraine88000, g. Uzhgorod, ul. Zagorskogo, 53, Uzhgorodskiy mezhrayonnyy sud (this is the place where the trial is going to be held – today)
  • Ukraine88 000, g. Uzhgorod, ul. Kotsyubinskogo, 2, Oblastnaya prokuratura.
  • Ukraine88018, g. Uzhgorod, ploshch. B. Khmel’nitskogo, 21, Administrativnyy sud (this is the place where the fate of the newspaper is going to be decided)
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