Call to a meeting for a solidarity campaign to antifascist struggle in Ukraine

unnamed (1)-engEvents in Ukraine will have a decisive impact on developments in the region and throughout Europe. The political block of neoliberals, far-righters and neonazis that consist the Kiev regime, with the blessings and guidance of the U.S., the IMF and the EU, continues the unabated murderous campaign against South-East Ukraine.
The only authentic rival against the government of Kiev at the moment, is the struggle of resistance conducted in Southeast – mainly but not only- Ukraine. We have absolutely no expectation and trust in Putin, who is solely interested in securing the interests of Russian capitalism and the Russian participation in sharing the influence of international capital in Ukraine and its not in no case for the defence of the Ukrainian working class from the fascist attack. However, the events in Ukraine combine open imperialist intervention with the leading role of the fascists as a battering ram. A general denunciation of fascism and massacres in Odessa and elsewhere is not enough. The equation of the two contending sides within Ukraine only serves the propaganda of Western imperialism and the Kiev regime The logic of equidistance between the regime, the government of Kiev and the fascists from one side and antifascists, the labor movement and minorities on the other side (as the two warring factions within Ukraine) is unacceptable.

We support the anti-government and anti-fascist uprising in South Ukraine, we are fighting for its victory. We support the right of self-determination of these areas. We support the victory of the anti-fascist forces in south east Ukraine who are fighting against the government of Kiev. We support the common struggle of the working class of Ukraine, regardless of ethnicity and religion. We condemn unequivocally the supported by the Americans and Europeans imperialists “anti-terror campaign” carried out by the regime of Kiev. We stand against the regime of Kiev, we require its isolation, we support the struggle for the overthrow of its government and the smashing of the raiding battalions of the “Right Sector” and the fascist “National Guard”. We condemn the undivided support of the Greek government offers to Kiev regime. We express our solidarity with the anti-fascists and the left in the battle of Ukraine. We express our solidarity and our support to comrades of Borotba who are targets of Kiev’s regime and who are fight heroically and with big cost for the coordination and organization of anti-government and anti-fascist struggle.

It is necessary to organize a campaign of counter-information and solidarity to the rebellious inhabitants, the striking workers, minorities, the anti-fascists and leftist fighters of south eastern Ukraine. It is necessary to change the climate of numbness and embarrassment that exists under the pressure of imperialist propaganda. It is urgent to develop in Greece, in Europe, in the whole world, a movement of solidarity with the South Ukraine and especially the anti-fascists and leftist fighters of this struggle.

Those who co-organize this call we seek the widest possible expansion and co-organization of such a campaign, a campaign supporting the anti-government and anti-fascist struggle of the South Ukraine, the condemnation and defeat of the regime of Kiev and the its imperialist patrons.

For such a campaign, regardless of individual opinions and deviation of views, we invite any collective or activist interested to participate equally in the open meeting for the solidarity campaign in antifascist struggle in Ukraine on Friday, the 13th of June, 19:00 at Law School in Athens.



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